12 July 2019
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In order to share and disseminate best practices from the regions in terms of health-environment policies, a collaborative platform and a call for expressions of interest were launched on 9 July with the support of the ministries of the environment and health.

Fourth national Health-Environment plan

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The second National Health and Environment Meetings took place in Bordeaux on 14 and 15 January 2019, in the presence of François de Rugy, Minister of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Solidarity and Health. They were an opportunity to highlight local initiatives, to share experiences and best practices in terms of integrating health and environment issues into regional policies, as well as to disseminate the keys to success to communities that wish to engage more.

Co-managed by the Ministries of Ecological Transition and Health, the 4th National Health Environment Plan (PNSE4, 2020-2024), entitled "My environment, my health", was launched during these Meetings. Since the adoption in 2004 of the first PNSE, the breakdown of the plan into regions and its update every five years have been included in the Public Health Code (article L. 1311-6). The ministers of ecology and health wanted to give new impetus to this fourth plan, particularly in the regions.


The priority orientations of the PNSE4 are thus broken down into four axes:
  • Better understanding exposures and the effects of the environment on the health of populations ("exposome")
  • Informing, communicating and training professionals and citizens
  • Reducing environmental exposures affecting our health
  • Multiplying the concrete actions carried out in the regions

The work required of Cerema is part of axis 4 "Multiplying the concrete actions carried out in the regions".


A collaborative platform

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Virtue by of their very broad competences, in direct contact with the daily life of French citizens, local communities have access to significant levers of action to reduce the exposure of populations, by taking inequalities into account in particular.

There are already a number of innovative local initiatives allowing everyone to evolve within an environment more favourable to their health. The Cabinet of the Minister of the environment asked Cerema to develop a collaborative platform in order to multiply these initiatives.

The aim is to share the initiatives of the stakeholders in the field, to identify the concrete actions and the tools developed by the communities and associations in environmental health and to increase their use.

This collaborative platform, hosted on the dedicated website, is now open. The announcement of the online launch of the website was made during the meeting of the Health Environment Group on 9 July by the Member of Parliament E. Toutut-Picard, in liaison with the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the Ministry of Solidarity and of Health.

Call for Expression of Interest

To encourage the regions to share their initiatives and present their environment-health actions or projects, and thus to appropriate this platform, the two Ministries, relayed by the Member of Parliament E. Toutut-Picard, launched on 9 July a call for expressions of interest (CEI) from communities to support initiatives in favour of the environment and health.

Entitled "Region committed to my environment, my health", this call for expressions of interest has a dual objective:

lac au cygnes à metz en été
Lac au Cygnes à Metz - CC BY SA
  • Publicising and promoting innovative projects carried out by communities in favour of the environment and health;

  • Promoting the sharing of best practices between communities. Indeed, it has been observed that many of them wish to initiate projects in favour of health and the environment, but sometimes find themselves helpless and seek to share experiences.

This 1st call for expressions of interest is open until 30 September 2019. A second survey will be organised after this date, with a closing on 13 December 2019. By 2019, the ministries will promote the most virtuous and innovative projects, which stand out by their scope and repeatability.

The Call for Expressions of Interest (CEI) form is available on the platform so that communities can identify the health and environmental actions they wish to share:

By filling out the form, communities can benefit from the support of the territoire-environnement-sante.fr platform and the stakeholders running it.

The responses (feedback and action plans) will be published on the site, pre-populated when it opens with a few pilot communities:

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The call for expressions of interest is aimed at all types of regions and communities: municipalities, EPCIs, departments, regions, joint associations, overseas communities with special status, Regional nature parks.

Secondly, the website will be enriched with a Resource Centre section, which will build on existing tools useful to communities (methodologies, sites, databases, etc.), along with a section on regional support for communities.

As part of this CEI, Cerema will relay on the collaborative platform the actions and projects submitted by the communities. It will also list on the website any calls for partners that may be expressed on the CEI form. In parallel to this, Cerema will reach out to the regions to promote the website, and will be able to support communities that wish to promote an action or project on the platform. Cerema may also provide assistance to communities the realisation of their project.