Partnership-based research focusing on adapting French regions to climate change.

Innovation to improve living conditions, housing and mobility, to protect fragile environments and natural resources, to renew and maintain infrastructures, to develop a local circular economy approach when using resources… For Institut Carnot Clim’adapt, these challenges have to be tackled together by public and private sector entities to deliver relevant innovative solutions, and help the regions of France and their inhabitants.

Institut Carnot Clim’adapt offers economic players its expertise in the infrastructure field, to meet the current and future needs of French regions, enabling them to transition to a resource-efficient, carbon-free and environment-friendly economy.

Thanks to its multi-disciplinary expertise – mobility, infrastructures, buildings, ecosystems, resilience, circular economy, urban areas …–, Clim’adapt develops an approach linked to new life styles engendered by digital transition and adaptation to climate change.

To foster innovation, it makes available Cerema’s R&D, its technological resources and skills in observation, instrumentation, measurement, analysis and modelling, to understand and anticipate the functioning of new products and services designed to provide solutions enabling French regions to adapt to climate change, and to assess their impact.

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Institut Carnot Clim'adapt


2022-2023 annual report

2022-2023 annual report

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Institut Carnot Clim’adapt supports all the players involved
in designing and building infrastructures at the heart of land-use planning: local authorities and businesses.

It fulfils a mission consisting of 3 pillars:

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From prototype design to its technological platforms, Cerema mobilises 200 research personnel including 20 doctoral students on its 26 sites with expertise in Regional expertise and engineering, Building, Mobility, Transport infrastructure, Environment and risk, Sea and coast.


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