Scientific sponsorship agreement on environmental and engineering sciences applied to adaptation of low-lying coastal areas to global change.

By recruiting PhD students, the overall objective is to develop research of an international standard around Cerema in the fields of environmental and engineering sciences applied to adaptation of low-lying coastal areas to global change.

A beautiful partnership story... with Groupe Salins

The need

Groupe Salins is an international company working exclusively in the salt industry. It obtains salt naturally by extracting it from the ground or from seawater. To produce sea salt, brine is concentrated by evaporation caused by the sun and wind in salt marshes. Water is pumped from the sea and circulates either by gravity or by means of pumps, passing through a series of artificial ponds.

In all of its operations Groupe Salins takes concrete measures to guarantee protection of biodiversity, and is recognised as a leader for preservation of fauna and flora.

Since Groupe Salins carries out its activities in natural low-lying areas, it wishes to strengthen its cooperation with technical centres, and to develop and encourage research in order to prepare a prosperous future for these areas which are particularly vulnerable to global change.

The partnership

In order to face up to the challenges of adapting to climate change, the research partnership aims to develop adaptation strategies for prosperous low-lying coastal areas.

The innovation

This research programme is carrying out modelling, observation and experimentation work to find solutions to the challenges constituted by the rise in seal level, environmental pressure and changes in activities.

The first of the three planned research tasks runs from 2020 to 2023. It involves the École Spéciale des travaux Publics (EStP) and focuses on analysing solutions to limit external erosion of the back slope of an earth dyke exposed to the swell.

Partenariat Institut Carnot Clim'adapt et le groupe Salins


A partnership

Partenariat Institut Carnot Clim'adapt et le groupe Salins

More information

A breakthrough to adapt to the effects of climate change or mitigate its causes

This partnership aims to find concrete solutions to maintain a coastal activity (exploitation of salt marshes) in a context of climate change, by carrying out research work.

Institut Carnot Clim'adaptInstitut Carnot Clim’adapt is developing partnership-based research, i.e. management of research work conducted by public sector laboratories in partnership with socio-economic players, businesses of all sizes and local authorities, in order to meet their needs.
By making use of Cerema’s exceptional resources and regional coverage relating to research, engineering, expertise and equipment, Clim’adapt supports its partners to enable them to transition to a resource-efficient, carbon-free, environment-friendly economy, linked to new life styles engendered by digital transition and adaptation to climate change.
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