6 April 2022
Visite d'une équipe algérienne à Lyon en février 2020
Cerema - Visite d'une équipe algérienne à Lyon en février 2020
Since 2020, Cerema is involved in a twinning program between Algeria and the European Union which aims at the "institutional capacity building" of the of the Urban Transport Authority of Algiers, created in 2015. Cerema is designing training modules for the teams of this authority for the organization of urban transport.

This program, which has an initial duration of 2 years and is extended until July 2022, is managed by by Expertise-France. It provides support to AOTU-A for its institutional positioning and organization, the implementation of effective tools and methods for monitoring the performance of urban transport network operations, and of urban transport networks, and training of its staff on regulatory and training and professional aspects both general and highly technical aspects.


Building an organization of urban mobility in Algiers

Tramway d'Alger
Algiers Tramway - SETRAM

This last component, concerning the training of the teams of the Algiers AOTU, entrusted to Cerema, resulted in the teams of the Algiers AOTU, entrusted to Cerema, resulted in 2021 to the organization of a dozen videoconferences, a mode imposed by the health conditions, which will be accompanied by on-site missions to hold for the holding of workshops in spring 2022.

Cerema is responsible for the operational implementation of the of the program in relation with the AOTU-A, mobilizes its experts according to the topics addressed in the training courses and exchanges with the Algerian stakeholders and ensures the follow-up of the approach. This support should enable the AOTU to set up an organization and operation of urban transport modes in the capital Algiers, in accordance with international standards and according to the best European practices. This experience will then be shared with other national agglomerations.

This project allows Cerema to strengthen its expertise by confrontation with other contexts and know-how and to develop a network of contacts in Algeria. It is also an opportunity to promote the French know-how.

Access to training through a solid partnership

The creation of the Algiers Urban Transport of Algiers (AOTU) has been effective since 2015. That it is in a position to carry out its missions, it aimed to strengthen its skills through general and specific training courses, which have been grouped in the 3 main areas that constitute the core business of the of the AOTU :

  • The fundamentals of transportation

  • Contractual aspects

  • The various technical and operational tools at the service of the AOTU's missions.

Station de métro d'ALger
Algiers metro station - Cerema

This twinning aims at defining training on these subjects, to enable the Authority to fully exercise its new competencies. issues were present: defining an institutional organization scenario, harmonize the contractual framework between AOTUs, operators, ensuring fare integration and interoperability, carry out a master plan for intermodality...

Cerema makes training proposals based on the evolution of the AOTU's projects and the needs expressed. For example, in October 2021 the Algerian Minister of Transport of Algeria requested them on the issue of transport congestion in Algiers, Cerema reviewed the note they had written and the subject was specifically addressed in workshops, with a focus on active modes, that is, modes such as walking and cycling, but also scooters, rollerblades, etc.

In the spring of 2022, Cerema will go on site to organize its famous workshops. The AOTU will have specific questions on which Cerema will propose lines of thought during the training sessions. The objective is to facilitate multimodal travel through comprehensive information, one of the next topics to be addressed will be MaaS (Mobility as a Service). service).

Regular meetings are set up by the Cerema with a frequency of once a month by videoconference in order to keep up with the pace of training and to answer questions. The close relationship established with AOTU-A could lead to new collaborations.