4 October 2016
In Bogotá in March 2016, Cerema took part in technical exchange days in connection with the French Development Agency on the theme of «Cities and Climate Change».

The French Development Agency (AFD) signed an agreement with Cerema in 2015 to provide technical assistance for the implementation of cooperation projects in several regions of the world.
In this context, AFD asked Cerema at the start of 2016 to participate in a mission to the Latin American Development Bank (CAF).
The mission carried out by Cerema in Bogotá in March 2016 consisted more specifically in participating in technical exchange days between AFD and CAF managers and technicians on the theme of Cities «and Climate Change».
AFD's objective was to co-construct with CAF, at the end of this seminar, the content of the technical cooperation programme between the two institutions for the 2015-2020 period. Cerema presented the context and French initiatives on the chosen theme, along with the missions and competences of the establishment in various fields relating to cities and climate change.

Review of this event in Spanish: