Ville de Leucate
Ville de Leucate
Purpose of the initiative

Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole and the communities of the Catalan sandy coast are faced with the need to adapt to coastal risks and climate change. Today, the objective is to define a management strategy for the coastal strip as a tool for governance at the scale of the Roussillon sedimentary unit.

The project is led by Perpignan Méditerranée Metropole (PMMCU) as well as three partner communities: the municipality of Leucate, the Communauté de communes Sud Roussillon (CCSR) and the Communauté de communes Albères Côte Vermeille Illibéris (CCACVI), thus grouping 58 municipalities and nearly 355,000 inhabitants year round. The Catalan Urban Planning Agency (AURCA), which provides support support, is in charge of leading the Observatory of the Catalan sandy coast, known as ObsCat.

Client/partner Needs
PerpignanLeucateSud RoussillonAlbères Côte Vermeille Illibéris
  • How to identify priority risk areas and priority issues?
  • How to build a diagnosis that knowledge of the area and cross-reference risk and issues?
  • What approach should be taken to to achieve a local strategy for integrated coastal management strategy that reconciles economic attractiveness, preservation of natural spaces and social balance?
Cerema's solution

1 - Cerema's action

Cerema's study program includes 4 complementary missions:

  • develop a diagnosis of the area by synthesizing the existing elements,

  • identify the areas at risk areas by 2050,

  • to build the basis of the local strategy (Littoral Sableux Catalan 2050),

  • plan the implementation and/or spatial recompositions on 4 pilot sites.

2 - The expected results

The main actions of the study will be carried out in the form of study reports, cartographic analyses (current and projected), as well as collaborative workshops on perception and prospection. In particular, the following are planned :

  • a report distributed to retro-coastal elected officials through dynamic and visual presentations,

  • a mapping with key figures to launch the study and a "sketch" mapping to the proposed strategy.

This study will be highlighted through :

  • the production of materials that can be distributed regionally and national level,

  • the integration of the results in the dynamic mapping of ObsCat,

  • communication on a national scale to to promote the initiative, continue the process and share feedback.

3 - Governance

The governance of the project will be based on two bodies: a steering committee and a technical committee. These bodies will associate :

  • systematically PMMCU, Leucate, CCSR, CCACVI, DDTM Pyrénées orientales, DREAL and Occitanie Region, AURCA and Cerema,

  • occasionally other stakeholders, such as partner communities such, PL21 governance and other stakeholders in relation to the themes and the needs defined by the technical committee.


Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole Urban Community

28 months
177 K€

Perpignan Méditerranée métropole urban community urban community, Leucate commune, Sud Roussillon community of communes Roussillon and Community of municipalities Albères Côte Vermeille Illibéris

Project pilot

For Perpignan Mediterranée Métropole : Céline FAJON-HERVIOU -
For Cerema: Elodie KLESCZEWSKI -

Perpignan Mediterranean metropolis - Prefiguring the adaptation strategy of the integrated management of the Catalan sandy coast to climate change

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