Through its multidisciplinary skill-set, its local roots and partnerships with socioeconomic players, Cerema is a key partner in developing, testing, and supporting innovation on a regional level. To provide this service, Cerema draws on:

  • Multidisciplinary skills: always one of our establishment’s specialisms. These multidisciplinary skills enable us to gain input from professionals with different ways of seeing the world (engineers, developers, sociologists, geographers…)

  • A partnership culture: turning new research or a new idea into a product, process, or service that finds its market requires input from multiple stakeholders: It mobilises businesses, regional institutions, and research centres.

While all of Cerema’s agents are in some way involved in innovation, it is the core business of several hundred agents and experts.

Innovation resources at Cerema

Cerema boasts a selection of tools that provide concrete support in the development and dissemination of innovation:
R&D platforms, project support, experiment tracking programmes, certifications, coordination of a stakeholder community, and knowledge transfer.

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