14 December 2021
Pluie en ville
Pascal Berteaud, Director General of Cerema, and Eric Tardieu, Director of OiEau signed a 3-year framework agreement between the two organisations on Monday 13 December. organisations.
Among the objectives: to disseminate knowledge about water and development, and to develop synergies between the networks of the two partners, the national plan for "Sustainable management of rainwater". management".

Cerema carries out many projects in the field of water and development, particularly to develop knowledge about the water cycle and wetlands, or to wetlands, or to support integrated stormwater management. This partnership with theOffice (OiEau), an association recognised as being of public utility which develops the skills of the various actors for better water water management aims to strengthen the dissemination of knowledge, particularly in knowledge, especially in operational terms , for public and private public and private stakeholders in water and development.

signature de la conventionThis agreement covers 3 areas of work work:

  • The incubation and development of joint programmes programmesof a pedagogical or scientific nature , in particular on the following thematic areas:
    • Water in the city (small water cycle and rainwater)
    • The GEMAPI competence
    • Training for actors
    • International cooperation on these issues
  • The valorisation of the activity and the mutual productions
  • Synergy between the networks of each partner in the between the networks of each of the partners serving common and complementary interests: international networks networks and associations of local authorities, the economic sector, scientific scientific actors

Numerous exchanges have already taken place between these two structures on the management of rainwater and the construction of "resource" elements. management and for the construction of "resource" elements carried by Cerema for carried out by Cerema for local authorities' stakeholders.

This synergy will be developed in the fields of activity of both partners by demonstrating the complementary skills in support and training in on extended territories. Better access by OiEau to and an international opening for Cerema on these subjects are in for Cerema on these subjects are particularly sought after.

The strong involvement of OiEau and Cerema and their identification in the new national plan "Sustainable management of rainwater" will be a driving force for will be a driving force for pooling their competences within the framework of this plan. In Within the framework of this national plan, Cerema will lead the development and implementation of a of a resource centre on sustainable urban water management. management in cities.