C-Roads France and C-Roads Platform (C-Roads)

C-Roads France is a contribution from France to the European C-Roads Platform, encompassing feedback from national projects and foreshadowing technical and functional developments and orientations of future systems deployed in Europe. The aim is to deploy cooperative intelligent transport systems.


The C-Roads project is a continuation of the cooperative vehicle deployment projects. First, Scoop initiated the work and set up a cooperative system via roadside units, then Scoop2 introduced new hybrid modes of communication, finally C-Roads introduced urban use cases and focused more on V to V aspects.

Context, societal issues

The European Commission plays a very active role in the development of intelligent transport systems on the continent. For many years, it has funded projects, initiated standardisation work and developed the regulatory framework for a harmonised deployment favourable to the emergence of a European industrial offer in the field. The various Scoop, C-Roads, Easyway, Datex II and Eu EIP projects participate in this policy along with the various corridors that have been created.

These projects are part of a coherent approach which also integrates directive 2010/40 and the work of the CEN within working group 278.

Objectives, scientific problem

The C-Roads project is a continuation of the Scoop projects of which it broadens the use cases by integrating urban situations and by opening up technologies towards new modes of communication between vehicles and infrastructures as well as between vehicles.

Approach, steps

This project develops a set of technical specifications based on those developed in Scoop projects and on the results pooled by the commission within the framework of the C-Roads platform. In a second phase, deployments are carried out in areas defined in partnership with car manufacturers and infrastructure managers.


The project results will make it possible to advance Europe towards the massive deployment of connected vehicles, to assess their benefits in various fields and to identify residual technological or organisational difficulties.

Specific contribution of Cerema

Cerema participates in the various phases. Firstly, it coordinates the drafting of technical specifications, manages some of them and contributes to many of them. Next, locally, Cerema provides support adapted to local requests from managers in project management assistance and/or in the evaluation of systems.

  • MTES, ASFA, Strasbourg Eurométropole, Bordeaux Métropole, Renault sas, Groupe PSA, Cerema, IFSTTAR, University of Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand, University of Reims Champagne-Ardennes, Institut Mines Télécom, IDNOMIC, Car2road, Transpolis
C-Roads partenaires


R&I challenge
Services, systems and infrastructure for mobility

C-Roads France and C-Roads Platform (C-Roads)

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