toulouse tramway
toulouse tramway
Purpose of the initiative

Survey of a random sample of people residing in a collection area about their travel habits, to accurately identify all of their trips on a weekday (Monday to Friday), regardless of mode of travel.

Client/partner Needs

Tisséo Collectivités, the organizing authority for mobility in the Toulouse conurbation agglomeration, conducts studies to understand the mobility behaviours in order to offer adapted answers by optimizing the available means and reducing the impact of energy and greenhouse gas emissions of transportation policies. This implies the production of local mobility statistics that are accurate, standardized and regularly updated.

Cerema's solution

The EMC² is a system implemented by the Cerema and is regularly updated to adapt to technological and societal changes. It has been in operation for about forty years and has already been used to more than 150 surveys in more than 100 territories. Its current version is modular and is based on a "core" survey and "and additional surveys. The "core" survey is based on a rigorous methodology interviewing by telephone or face-to-face of a random sample of households residing in the area on their characteristics and their travel practices. The complementary surveys allow the survey to be adapted to local issues while benefiting from a robust methodologyand results that can be compared with other areas.

The following are planned for theToulouse area :

  • a "student" extension, who are traditionally under-represented in the core survey,

  • a web-based questionnaire on on the potential of "cycling" as a mode of transportation,

  • a module allowing the collection of itineraries with the help of a smartphone application.

The web questionnaire aims in particular to improve the conditions of mobility of two-wheelers, with the idea of allowing the development of a module for the Toulouse travel model. The itinerary collection module will also be a first at the national level also a first at the national level and will allow to better understand the recruitment bias of volunteers accepting to be to be geolocated during their trips to refine the travel habits during the week and to improve during the week and to improve knowledge of the energy energy balance and greenhouse gas emissions related to travel (actual journeys, including the search for a car park, speeds, etc.)


Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun de l'Agglomération Toulousaine

September 2022 to December 2023
45 K€

The Occitanie Region, the Direction Départementales des Territoires de Haute-Garonne, the Agence d'Urbanisme and Development Agency Toulouse metropolitan area

Project pilot

Christian FRANCOISE and Philippe MICHOU

Certified mobility survey Cerema (EMC²) of the greater Toulouse area

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