7 January 2022
capteur d'humidité sur une facade de maison en bois
Cerema was present at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the leading innovation event at the international level, to participate in the selection of the best start-ups in its fields of expertise, and in particular in particular the building sector.

logo CESDozens of start-ups pitched on Thursday evening, January 6 (French time), as part of the Village Francophone du CES in Las Vegas to present their innovations in various fields: city attractiveness and commercial activity, sustainable development, urban planning and building, mobility...


Measuring the performance of buildings: adapting the tools to new needs

Florent Boithias, group leader at the Autun agency of Cerema, was a member of the jury to to identify the best nuggets, particularly in the field of construction. His team works on innovative tools and methods for energy and performance of buildings as a whole, equipment and materials.

The objectives of carbon neutrality by 2050 have an impact on the field, which must reduce its greenhouse gas emission and reduce its carbon impact.


Regulations are changing, and with them tools to measure energy and environmental and environmental efficiency of buildings.


Autun is the location of one of Cerema's three laboratories in the field of building, specialized in performance measurements on site. Innovative sensors and measurement tools have been developed there, such as the first devices to measure the permeability of large-volume buildings or "PAM" for measuring the tightness of woodwork.

Cerema is also working on the development of measurement protocols, through the DIANE and SEREINE research projects, for example, designed to to measure the actual insulation of buildings. More recently, it is the protocol of verification of ventilation systems that Cerema has developed the new 2020 environmental regulations that came into force on January 1, 2022.

In the field of building, the Autun agency is also active in the field of environmental performance of the building, by integrating the the carbon impact through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method (Life Cycle Assessment ) method, which has been adapted to the building sector. It is in Autun where some of the environmental declaration sheets for materials.

The experts of the Autun agency also contribute to the deployment of the decree decree, which imposes a reduction of consumption by 60%! This is another field of innovation for new technologies to improve usage, better manage consumption, and eliminate waste.

Encouraging innovation by start-ups and SMEs

Cerema's expertise covers a range of skills to understand the building in its entirety, as well as on the city scale, integrating issues of mobility, energy and resilience.

Cerema is positioning itself to contribute to innovation, through its innovation support for start-ups and SMEs: CeremaLab. A device that start-ups selected in Las Vegas will enable them to increase their local impact.

Cerema is also a Carnot Institute with its Clima'Adapt label, designed to facilitate innovation and the development of innovative products that meet the needs of local energy transition.