29 September 2020
Travail collaboratif
Cerema has developed the “Participation Compass”, a web app designed to assist in putting together a participative strategy. It provides indicators that you can share, or even develop jointly, with all of your participants. It can also be used to assess completed projects and generate a report.

The “Participation Compass”, initially designed for local authorities, can be used by any party, involved in any role, as part of a participative approach.

The “Participation Compass” can be adapted to any kind of participative project or process, whether they are voluntary schemes or regulatory requirements, and on any scale. A few examples:

  • Agenda 2030, regional agri-food projects


  • Urban regeneration projects, eco-districts

  • Forward planning

  • Specialist or experimental participative methods (Spiral, Visions+21, etc.)

  • Participative bodies (development consulting, CESER, citizen assemblies…)

The Participation Compass is divided into two sections:

Section 1: self-assessment

It can be used upstream of implementation, to determine ambitions in terms of participation, and downstream, to assess.

Section 2: Participation “Step by Step”

It can be used to formalise a participation projecttrack it, and generate a report.

Participation tracking reports can be used to view the total number of participants, broken down into:Boussole de la participation

  • Types of participative mechanisms used, by participant, age, and gender

  • The mechanism schedule


The Compass also maps participants by location, takes stock of communication campaigns, and can both assess strategies ahead of time to set targets, or after the event to analyse its delivery. Boussole de la participation

The tool can be used to appropriate the content of the participation charter, «which expresses the values and principles that underlie a positive participative process. The charter is designed for all participants (project owners and beneficiaries) and provides support in implementing the participation mechanism.» source: https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/charte-participation-du-public Boussole de la participation




A dozen or so users (local authorities, engineers, and government departments) have tested the tool and shared their positive feedback. If the tool proves to be a success, we will be able to keep it evolving so that it even better meets your needs.

If you would like to learn more, access the Compass, or get some support in building participation into your projects, get in touch with the Cerema team at: participation@cerema.fr


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