Design platform for equipment and prototyping

Measuring instruments, laboratory or auscultation testing means and diagnostics in situ, with sampling equipment, sample preparation, non-intrusive analysis, software associated with the equipment for data acquisition and processing

Private company, local authority: are you looking for a partner to design and implement an atypical professional solution tailored to your specific needs?

You want to be assisted to specify a technological need adapted to your constraints for a non-standard material?

You wish to validate innovative concepts or to carry out new services?

Do you want to develop industrial engineering solutions for transport and materials, with a view to adapting to climate change?

We can probably bring you our experience.

Services that meet your expectations

conceptionThrough the historical services carried out at the request of the State services, of materials having obtained the prestigious mlpc© label, our Prototypes department also develops adapted, innovative solutions, useful to the territories and to the customers of all its business ecosystem. It develops demonstrators and prototypes, and tools for research. It offers agile and scalable solutions, from the integration of standard components to the design of "custom" solutions.

In technical expertise and project management assistance, our Prototypes department can assist project owners in drafting technical specifications, participating in the analysis of bids for complex contracts where business and technological knowledge are combined, expertise, advice, project monitoring and acceptance.

Areas of expertise: metrology and instrumentation, industrial computing, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, automation.


References and clients

Variable geometry resources to match your projects

Design and production of custom-made materials, demonstrators and prototypes

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