12 April 2022
Projet Autrement équipe de Madhia
Cerema went to Tunisia at the end of March for a study mission on seven development projects supported by the European project AUTREMENT.

After numerous postponements due to the health crisis, Cerema was able to go to Kairouan and Madhia at the end of March for a one-week mission around 7 micro-projects.


The project AUTREMENT


AUTREMENT (Urban Planning of the Territory to Reinvent Mobilities by ENgaging Tunisians) is a European project of cooperation, between the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg - leader of the project -, the municipalities of Kairouan and Mahdia (Tunisia) (Tunisia), ALDA, CODATU and CEREMA, co-financed by the European Union.

Its objective is to promote active mobility and strengthen citizen participation in urban planning in urban planning in Kairouan and Mahdia.

The project is developed around 4 main actions actions:

  • capacity building and local governance ;

  • communication, visibility and experience sharing;

  • mobilization and awareness of citizens ;

  • design of public space.

Technical visits by bike to better understand the area



Initially, technical visits by bicycle in both cities in the two cities allowed a better understanding of the places the places and the context in which the micro-projects the micro-projects and the specificities of the urban functioning.

Workshops to develop practical proposals

atelier JC


In Kairouan, a ½ day information and workshops with all partners was held in the presence of the mayor. The Cerema has presented a simplified methodology of active mobility master plans and led a workshop on the prioritization of the road network.



    The municipal technical teams were thus able to work in detail, on plan :

    • the seven micro-projects development projects in Kairouan: bicycle path, development of plazas and the surroundings of some schools;

    • 3 circuits: 2 pedestrian circuits and 1 bicycle.



    Among the notable results, we note the validation by the technical direction of the city of Kairouan of a project for a dedicated cycle track 3 m wide in place of a motorized traffic lane, on more than 2 km.


    In Mahdia, the mission consists of assistance to the city in the choice of the consulting firm that will define the active mobility projects.

    The design office will be commissioned for a complete study : preliminary project, detailed detailed design, and execution file. The study will be shared and discussed with the AUTREMENT project team.

    Two projects are pedestrian routes with a tourist vocation, one of which is on the seashore crossing the sea scimitar, the third one is the development of a bicycle path that will connect the outskirts of the medina to the tourist zone extending northwards along the sea front over more than 2 km.

    During this visit, local officials were made aware of the importance to create a bicycle path of sufficient width width (3m), physically separated from motorized traffic and built on spaces currently occupied by cars (lanes or parking).