29 October 2018
Cube.S - Le nouveau défi pour les établissements scolaires
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Cube.S is a “Climate Use Establishments” challenge for schools As part of a project led by IFPEB, Cerema assists local authorities with the deployment of the challenge in middle schools and high schools.


What is the Cube.S project?

The Cube.S project deploys a challenge to maximise energy savings in schools. It is part and parcel of the CEE programme (energy saving certificates) led by the IFPEB (French institute for building energy performance). This aim is to save as much energy as possible over 5 years, in the context of a challenge.

To achieve this, the actions deployed as part of the competition can concern servicing and maintenance of the building, improvements carried out to increase energy efficiency, the educational programmes themselves, and ideally they can also involve the occupants: pupils, teachers, other personnel.

The Cube.S challenge with its CEE label is currently being deployed in France, through group candidacies presented by local authorities. For the candidacy to be eligible, the local authority must list at least 5 different schools.


Who is managing this challenge?

The Cube.S programme is co-managed by Cerema and IFPEB (French institute for building energy performance).

Cerema IFPEB

It also involves many public and private sector partners:


Partenaires CUBE.S


What are the benefits?

Cube.S brings benefits to all the school’s stakeholders, including local authorities and management authorities: administrative and technical personnel, teachers, pupils and elected representatives:

  • A decrease in energy bills

  • An increase in the environmental quality of buildings, with anticipation of the tertiary building decree

  • Synergy with educational projects

  • Strengthened cooperation between all the stakeholders

  • Professional development and increased value of technical services

  • More comfort for all

  • Best practices introduced over the long-term


They’re talking about it...

These energy issues have brought us to a turning point in History. Now it’s time to create and explore all the possibilities, working with all the relevant entities, from the building management expert to the simple user. CUBE.S enables us to do all that.
Sophie Pichon, ADTECH (Association of technical directors of metropolises, departments and regions).
Don’t wait to be forced to make these energy savings in 2030. Get a step ahead and start a movement which will drive other schools and colleges to make the same effort.
Alain Laflorentie, director responsible for questions relating to school real estate at FNOGEC (National federation of Catholic schools management bodies)
The competition forces us out of our comfort zone. We have to think about uses, reach out to users to help them understand, in particular by talking about comfort. Above all, CUBE enables us to better understand buildings, and how people use them. We shouldn't be afraid to start. The CUBE competition makes it possible to achieve real energy savings without investing any money, and to make energy users more comfortable.
Mathilde Rousserie, Director of the Energy Unit in the town of Angers

Who can assist you?

In the context of its service offerings for property asset management, Cerema can provide assistance to local authorities who have submitted a group candidacy comprising several schools. It can provide support for setting up the action, assist with training of project leaders, and help with preparation and implementation of activities, and actions with the occupants, operation and maintenance.


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