5 July 2021
Cerema has participated, alongside the Ministry of Energy Transition, in the project DigiPlace (Digital Platforms for construction), funded by the by the European program H2020. A quick look at this project, which ended on May 27, 2021.

DigiPLACE what is it?

DigiPlace is a European Horizon 2020 project on the theme of information and communication technologies. Considering the strong stake on the the construction sector on a European scale, this project prepares the implementation of European platforms, collaborative and digital, for the construction sector. The project therefore aims :

  • To propose a framework for the development of future European collaborative platforms;
  • To define the guidelines for the creation of these platforms, in terms of in terms of general and technical recommendations;
  • To define the first practical and shared roadmap for the implementation of the guidelines within member states.

The project is supported by a consortium that includes about twenty organizations from 11 European countries, including France, Italy and Germany. On the French side the General Directorate for Planning, Housing and Nature (DGALN) is a stakeholder in this project, as the project, as leader of the "Work Package 6 dedicated to the drafting of the roadmap, associated with the setting up of implementation implementation scenarios of the technical elements. The Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) is also leader on the "Work Package 5 which aims to develop the reference framework for collaborative platforms.

Watch the video presentation of the project for more details!



DigiPlace: what are the deliverables?

The closing conference of the project was held on May 27, 2021 online. This webinar allowed to present the main results of the project, and to initiate the discussions about the next steps to be taken.

All deliverables are available in English on the project website website(https://digiplaceproject.eu/), including :

  • The presentation of the and results, in a graphic and video format (https://digiplaceproject.eu/finalbooklet/) ;
  • Technical recommendations for the implementation of collaborative platforms ;
  • The scenarios for the operational of these recommendations ;
  • The roadmap for the implementation of these recommendations.

And Cerema in all this?

Cerema was positioned as a third party legally linked to the DGALN. It intervened mainly on the "work package 6 and, as such, Cerema's "BIM" specialists contributed to the elaboration of scenarios of implementation of the technical elements proposed in the "work package". 5. This contribution has resulted in an online consultation of experts of the European construction community, crossed with the community, then crossed with the technical competences of technical skills of Cerema.

The results of this consultation were used to put forward 8 scenarios which were then the subject of a detailed economic the subject of a detailed economic study by an external consulting firm. On this basis, Cerema also participated in the development of the roadmap.

At the national level, Cerema presented the project in July 2020 during a seminar in French open to the whole building community, which gathered more than 100 people.


What is the follow-up to the project?

The importance of the subject, underlined by the whole of the "Community of Stakeholders " (understand, of Stakeholders at the European level, shows that it is important to keep the momentum going with the DigiPlace project.

Based on this observation, the project coordinators plan to set up working groups. The maintenance of a discussion group is also envisaged: the objective would be to create a common vision across the member states to promote actions at local, national and European level. Of course, Cerema will participate in these exchanges!