Le Cerema conçoit le premier pont routier à double action mixte français
Le Cerema conçoit le premier pont routier à double action mixte français
Purpose of the initiative

The State plans the western bypass of the city of Mende by a new road that will cross the Lot valley. The work of the bypass has started by the construction of this work of art, named "Viaduct of the Lot". The latter, completed in August 2021, benefits from an innovative structure called "Double Action Mixed", improving safety and durability of the structure for a cost equivalent to a conventional structure.

Client/partner Needs

The project owner asked Cerema to to design the Lot viaduct and to provide assistance during its construction.

Cerema's solution

Cerema has proposed an innovative structure design, defining on this occasion the appropriate rules of art. Cerema has then ensured the control of the execution of work for the project manager on several topics (studies and works in the fields of civil engineering, steel structure and geotechnics) and finally ensured a follow-up via its instrumentation.


DREAL Occitania

The calendar January 2014 to December 2022
Project pilot

Head of studies OA, Cerema Méditerranée

650 K€

Cerema designs the first French double-action road bridge in France

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