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Purpose of the initiative

The Urban Community of Dunkerque (CUD) wishes to commit itself in a sustainable development approach integrating the strengthening of governance, the protection of natural spaces protection of natural spaces, preservation of uses and activities, risk management and the development of coastal areas. The ambition is to relearn how to live with water and to adapt urban planning in order to establish a resilient development strategy.

The CUD is the 1stera voluntary urban community in France, created by decree on October 21, 1968. The agglomeration is composed since 2016 of 17 municipalities, which cover a part of part of Flanders and the entire coastline of the Nord department. As of 1st January 2013, it represented a population of 199,759 inhabitants. The CUD has a fairly detailed vision of the issues at stake in of coastal risks and prevention of flooding by marine submersion. The improvement of the knowledge of the foreseeable consequences of climate change in the area and communication on the risk of marine submersion and crisis management for the population are aspects to be further developed.

Client/partner Needs
  • How to build and adapt housing in in areas at risk of marine submersion?
  • What levers should be identified to help the development of new projects?
  • How to translate planning constraints into opportunities to improve resilience in the area?
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Cerema's solution

1 - Cerema's action

Cerema's study program includes 5 major phases:

  • understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for operators in charge of operators in charge of development operations,

  • a regulatory watch and a link with development tools,

  • the organization of workshops in two areas,

  • the co-construction of a guide for professionals,

  • a seminar for elected officials and stakeholders concerned by the approach.

2 - The expected results

Several types of deliverables are expected:

  • a feedback workshop in the presence of the stakeholders interviewed,

  • a 10-page summary maximum on regulatory monitoring,

  • the facilitation in pairs of CUD/Cerema of two workshops with the production of a synthesis of 20 pages,

  • the drafting of technical parts of a guide for professionals.

In order to ensure a good understanding of the process and its results, it is envisaged that workshops workshops or the holding of a seminar/conference to present the work to all the local stakeholders. A seminar for elected officials and stakeholders concerned will conclude the process.

3 - Governance

The follow-up of the partnership will be ensured during the 5 phases by the association of several stakeholders, notably :

  • the Urban Planning Agency Flanders Dunkerque (AGUR)

  • the city of Gravelines

  • the city of Dunkerque

  • and the elected officials of the Dunkirk area.


The Urban Community of Dunkerque Grand Littoral

18 months
Project pilot

For the Urban Community of Dunkerque: Delphine CAPET -
For Cerema: Arnaud GANAYE -

90 K€
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Urban Community of Dunkerque - Anticipating threats to organize and deal with the resilience of a coastal area in a dynamic and integrated approach

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