Guidelines – Handling lateral obstacles

Guidelines – Handling lateral obstacles

on main roads in open country

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The  guide  Traitement  des  obstacles  latéraux  (Managing  side  obstacles)  presents  the  knowledge  and  know-how  on  safety  developments     minimising     bodily     consequences     when     vehicles leave the road accidentally.

The  document  concerns  the  main  roads  located  in  open  country,  primarily  improvement  of  the  existing  network,  but  it is also useful for constructing a new infrastructure.


The guide Traitement des obstacles latéraux (Managing side obstacles) presents the knowledge and know-how on safety developments minimising bodily consequences when vehicles leave the road accidentally.

The document concerns the main roads located in open country, primarily improvement of the existing network, but it is also useful for constructing a new infrastructure.

Written for persons in charge of managing, improving, or designing roads, it allows appreciating the level of safety of a road’s shoulders, proposing corrective and preventive solutions, which are appropriate and effective, and prioritised according to stakes and constraints.

This document is designed to be used by any authoritymanaging road networks.




First part

Knowledge and methods

Chapter 1 Prerequisite: better knowledge of road hazards relatedwith obstacles

Chapter 2 Recommendations to build a forgiving road

Chapter 3 Methodological tools

Second partThematic sections

Chapter 4 Trees

Chapter 5 Posts

Chapter 6 Masonry structures

Chapter 7 Equipment

Chapter 8 Ditches

Chapter 9 Slopes

Chapter 10 Safety barriers

Glossary Table of abbreviations


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