Designing traffic-calmed streets

Designing traffic-calmed streets

30km/h zones, pedestrian-priority zones and pedestrian areas

The purpose of this guide is to present the various possible forms of development for achieving a calmer traffic flow in the city. How can space best be shared between cars and pedestrians? When is the right time to opt for a pedestrian-priority zone? How should the entry and exit points of a 30km/h zone be indicated?

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Reducing speed provides a very real means of reinventing public space

Designing public space where local people go about their daily lives, whether in the streets of housing estates, around blocks of flats or village squares... means giving impetus to the reclamation of living space.
This issue is of particular importance because it brings together the issues of developing active mobility, adapting the living environment for an ageing population, social cohesion and the densification of urbanisation. Moreover, it is perfectly in line with the regional equality policy.
It is with regulatory tools such as 30km/h zones, pedestrian-priority zones and pedestrian areas that the urban road network and public space are being transformed in order to offer attractive spaces for meeting up and other activities.

Acting on public spaces is a means of investing in the attractiveness of the areas and a lever with which to address their energy and ecological transition, as well as questions of solidarity.


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